Seasonings and spices designed for the everyday cook to make a gourmet meal with ease! Gluten Free, No GMO, No MSG, NO Sugar, Low Sodium.

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Behind every great meal are great spices, and great spice formulators. We are CorSpice founders Bill, Bob (B2) and Amber . . .
3 best friends with a 100+ year combo platter of taste-testing talent, and this crazy dream to make products that benefit our military families!

Our flavorful spice profiles range from subtle to opinionated. . . from Scoville scale mild to “God help me! Where’s the lidocaine for my ring o’ fire?!?” But we digress. Scroll on down to meet our team.

B2, a.k.a. Bill and Bob : Rebels Without a Pause. Bill is the spice master with a legacy for creating insanely dee-lish flavors, and Bob is the Chief Tasting Officer. Bill is the Marine who found his talent for cooking while stationed in South Korea. This was where he discovered that combining certain MREs made a chili that tasted like back home. It was the tipping point. From then on, people have never stopped coming back for seconds and thirds of whatever Bill happens to be concocting in his well-stocked kitchen.
Bob is the quality control genius and serial small business entrepreneur who can sniff out a good idea – and a tasty spice combo – whenever he sees one. The rest is history.
Amber , a.k.a. Creative Director and the Voice of Reason. If you need to source a vanilla bean from Madagascar, Amber will find it in a minute, while she’s also unraveling the knot from her daughter’s necklace with a pin, answering a journalist’s query, art directing the packaging designer, and riding shotgun to their son’s next lacrosse match 150 miles away. Amber is the roux that holds this successful business recipe together.