Pay a Balance Due

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What Amounts You Can Pay
Retro (Retrospective Rating program): Unpaid balances for Retro premium
Right to Know: Unpaid annual assessment for worker and community Right to Know program
Self-insurance: Unpaid penalties assessed on an order
Workers’ compensation: Unpaid balance for industrial insurance premiums
Fees or assessments
Factory-assembled structures: Factory-assembled structures invoices
Public records: Unpaid fees or fines for public disclosure requests
Infractions, tickets, or citations
Boilers: Fees or fines from boiler safety inspections. Examples: Hot water heaters, air tanks, and CO2 tanks.
Contractors: Construction or non-licensed contractor infractions
Electrical: Electrical citations or tickets
Factory-assembled structures: Factory-assembled structures infractions or tickets
Manufactured home installers: Manufactured home installer infractions
Plumbing: Plumbing tickets or infractions
Workplace safety and health (Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH)): Penalties from safety/health inspections
Medical billing audit: Overpayments made to a provider as determined by an audit
Medical expense overpayment: Travel expense or other miscellaneous expense overpayment
Medical Information Payment Systems (MIPS) providers: Overpayments made to a provider
Medical Information Payment Systems (MIPS) provider fraud program: Overpayments made to a provider as a result of fraud
Stay At Work: Overpaid reimbursements for Stay At Work program
Time-loss overpayment: Time-loss or other disability benefit overpayment
Vocational audit: Overpayments made to a vocational provider as determined by an audit
Wage violations
Child labor: Unpaid penalties assessed for violations of child labor laws and rules
Farm labor: Unpaid penalties assessed for violations of the Farm Labor Contractor Act
Wage payment: Unpaid or underpaid employee wages for violations of the Wage Payment Act