United Military Care

United Military Care is a Georgia nonprofit that provides emergency and supportive services and programs for military families, veterans and service members throughout the state.

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United Military Care was incorporated and rated a 501(c)3 charity by the IRS in 2012. Our priority is Veterans. Following years of research, we established programs to care for Veterans’ basic needs with a dual strategy of team-based care, education and prevention services.

Our Mission
United Military Care’s mission is to ensure Veterans of all ages, branches, and lifestyles receive the care and support necessary to live their best life! We provide the tools and resources to empower our veterans to live a safe, healthy, productive life through one-on-one relationships backed by a dedicated team of professionals. We utilize three well-proven, wrap-around case management methods, Battle Buddy 4 Life, Veteran Strong, and our Emergency Response Team.

Our Vision
No Veteran goes hungry, is homeless, or forgotten!

Our vision includes a country that rallies around Veterans by providing the tools, programs, and resources needed to life their best life!